Joining the Forum/Safety Precautions

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Joining the Forum/Safety Precautions

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:40 am

To join the forum, you must be approved by the moderator. To be approved you must be a youth in MAHA or somehow involved with the club, or a recently aged out youth member of the club who is interested in mentoring current youth. When you request to join, an email will get sent to me. I have to approve it, which may take as long as two days. Sorry about that!

Since this is a forum specifically for youth, safety is very important to us!

Once you are approved, you will find there are several boards not visible before you were a member. These include:
Member introductions
Boards for each MAHA age division (10 & under, 11-13, 14-17)
General discussions

This has been done to try to keep all personal information hidden to those outside of our membership. I have left boards that talk about our activities and ideas for the club public so that any prospective members can get an idea of what we are about.

Thanks for your interest!


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